Microbioma Another person getting worse from Microbioma.org (2022)


Michael Harrop

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Jul 6, 2023
Less than a day after I posted this thread, a new, mostly anonymous, non-customer account posts a slanderous review on the HumanMicrobes TrustPilot account: https://archive.ph/qgIr8

These fraudsters are now going after HumanMicrobes in retaliation for exposing them. And it's the inaction of the community that has allowed it to get to this point. Leaving everything up to me, as usual.

This is ridiculous and exhausting. Like why the f**k do I even bother to try to help or protect anyone, when at best they don't reciprocate, and at times even turn around and spit in my face afterwards. At least one individual (Sue Pa) even acting like a malicious psychopath troll, despite me selflessly trying to help them since day 1, as I've been doing with virtually everyone for the past decade.

This is f**king nuts. If someone was in my position and saw a provider of a potentially deadly medical product blatantly lying about the donor's medical conditions, then doubling down on numerous more lies once exposed, and then said nothing, and shared no information to warn/inform others, and I got harmed as a result of lack of information, I'd be f**king furious. This is f**king mindboggling, and horrifically dystopian.

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