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  1. Michael Harrop

    Study A long-term ketogenic diet accumulates aged cells in normal tissues (May 2024, mice) Ketogenic diet induces p53-dependent cellular senescence in multiple organs
  2. Michael Harrop

    Article UK governments announce ban on wet wipes containing plastic (Apr 2024) "Wet wipes containing plastic are polluting our waterways and causing microplastics to enter the environment". 95% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed. Nice to see the public and government supportive and taking steps to reduce plastic waste. Petition your own government to do the same!
  3. Michael Harrop

    Study Chemicals in car interiors may cause cancer — and they’re required by US law (May 2024) Flame Retardant Exposure in Vehicles Is Influenced by Use in Seat Foam and Temperature
  4. Michael Harrop

    Article Decaf coffee is not safe for human consumption, health advocacy group warns (Apr 2024) Is decaf coffee safe to drink? Experts weigh in on claims by health advocacy groups
  5. Michael Harrop

    Study Amount of protein consumed by pregnant women modulates the facial appearance of offspring (Mar 2024, mice) The level of protein in the maternal murine diet modulates the facial appearance of the offspring via mTORC1 signaling Cool!
  6. Michael Harrop

    Study Common household chemicals pose threat to brain health. (Mar 2024) Pervasive environmental chemicals impair oligodendrocyte development
  7. Michael Harrop

    Article Forever Chemicals Are Everywhere. Here’s How to Limit Your Exposure. (Mar 2024)
  8. Michael Harrop

    Article Most US sandwich baggies contain toxic PFAS ‘forever chemicals’. Testing commissioned by Mamavation blog found high levels of a marker of PFAS in nine of 11 baggies tested (Mar 2024) You can buy compostable sandwich/zip-lock bags in some stores now. Target has them.
  9. Michael Harrop

    Study Landmark study links microplastics to serious health problems. (Mar 2024, n=304) Microplastics and Nanoplastics in Atheromas and Cardiovascular Events
  10. Michael Harrop

    Article Don’t use these six cinnamon products, FDA warns after concerning lead tests (Mar 2024)
  11. Michael Harrop

    Study Long Covid ‘brain fog’ may be due to leaky blood-brain barrier (Feb 2024) Blood–brain barrier disruption and sustained systemic inflammation in individuals with long COVID-associated cognitive impairment I think n=76 but I'm not sure.
  12. Michael Harrop

    Article It’s time to admit that genes are not the blueprint for life (Feb 2024) This is relevant to microbiome discussion because there is still widespread misunderstanding that genes are somehow set in stone and any inherited traits are genetic. As the article points out, and as is documented in the wiki...
  13. Michael Harrop

    Article Masturbation abstinence is popular online. Doctors and therapists are worried (Feb 2024, NoFap)
  14. Michael Harrop

    Study More concerning than the nanoplastics in water bottles are the chemicals on them. (Jan 2024) Chemicals Used in Plastic Materials: An Estimate of the Attributable Disease Burden and Costs in the United States

    Articles: The study...
  15. Michael Harrop

    Study Two new studies have found that we’re eating and drinking more plastic than we might have realized (Jan 2024) Exposure of U.S. adults to microplastics from commonly-consumed proteins. Rapid single-particle chemical imaging of nanoplastics by SRS microscopy.

    George Leonard, a co-author of one of the studies and chief scientist at Ocean Conservancy, joins John Yang to discuss the findings Articles: Diet for a Sick Planet: Studies Find More...
  16. Michael Harrop

    Article Cancer Is Striking More Young People, and Doctors Are Alarmed and Baffled (Jan 2024) When I see this discussed in public places, people rightfully list various environmental...
  17. Michael Harrop

    Article The Plastic Chemicals Hiding in Your Food. Consumer Reports finds BPA, phthalates "widespread" in supermarket and fast foods regardless of their packaging and ingredients and whether or not they are certified organic (Jan 2024) FDA petition How to Reduce...
  18. Michael Harrop

    Article Recalled applesauce pouches now linked to more than 200 lead poisoning cases in 33 states, CDC says (Dec 2023)
  19. Michael Harrop

    Study Nanoplastics promote conditions for Parkinson's across various lab models (Nov 2023) Anionic nanoplastic contaminants promote Parkinson’s disease–associated α-synuclein aggregation
  20. Michael Harrop

    Study Commonly-used herbicide is harmful to adolescent brain function (Oct 2023, n=519) Urinary Glyphosate, 2,4-D and DEET Biomarkers in Relation to Neurobehavioral Performance in Ecuadorian Adolescents in the ESPINA Cohort
  21. Michael Harrop

    Article CDC Covered Up COVID Vaccine Myocarditis Risk, Show Emails And Reports (Oct 2023) US government had reviewed Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System cases of post-vaccine myocarditis when CDC’s director falsely claimed, “we have not seen any reports” I experienced this myself with a probiotic I reported adverse events, then later they publicly claimed...
  22. Michael Harrop

    Study Tests find many popular omega 3 supplements are rancid. A Multi-Year Rancidity Analysis of 72 Marine and Microalgal Oil Omega-3 Supplements (Sep 2023)
  23. Michael Harrop

    Study Microplastics infiltrate all systems of body, cause behavioral changes (Aug 2023) Acute Exposure to Microplastics Induced Changes in Behavior and Inflammation in Young and Old Mice

    Article Study
  24. Michael Harrop

    Study Plant-based filter removes up to 99.9% of microplastics from water (Jun 2023) Flowthrough Capture of Microplastics through Polyphenol-Mediated Interfacial Interactions on Wood Sawdust

    Article: Study: