Non-FMT Approach and Book Recommendations


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Mar 31, 2024
I am very very new to this subject and I want to educate myself more.

To provide more context, I am 22 years old and I struggle with ADHD, depression, body dysmorphia, and bulimic eating disorder. Apart from that I've had a terrible diet all my life — most of my meals consist of fried foods, refined grain (white rice), lots of salt, and refined sugars. Recently, I have been trying to help myself through means other than SSRI (which I currently do not take, but have in the past) and stimulant (methylphenidate; this, I do take almost daily.) I recently came across a YouTube video which concerns the gut-brain connection. This spurred some hope in me that I can maybe fix myself through lifestyle and dietary changes. However, I have come across some Reddit posts stressing the potency of FMT over dietary changes such as eating fermented foods and greens. As much as I'd like to pursue FMT, I just can't afford it now. I've been drinking jun tea (green tea and honey kombucha) as a prebiotic and I've also been trying to eat more vegetables and fruits to replace highly processed foods. This effort seems almost haphazard because it is — I just don't really know any better, to be perfectly honest. So I am soliciting advice or comments that could probably help me better this paltry effort to fix myself. What else should I be taking? Should I lay off the kombucha? Anything that could somewhat stabilize my hunger and satiety hormones that's been wrecked through years of binge-cleanse cycles?

I also would greatly appreciate book recommendations on gut microbiome to deepen my understanding. I don't really have any foundational knowledge of medicine to be able to parse scientific papers talking about hyper-specific findings on the matter. The informations I get online also tend to be a bit messy, whereas books are more focused and organized making them easier to digest.

Thank you for reading!
I changed my diet 7.5 years ago and have seen some major improvements. It has literally erased my Fibromyalgia pain, but the exhaustion and depression are still there. A nutritionist told me to check out the book: The Gut Health Protocol by John G. Herron. I found it very helpful.

Also, try buying water kefir grains on Amazon. I drink these mixtures daily and have now been able to eat tomatoes and potatoes without any issues (after years of steering clear of nightshades.) The kefir adds live cultures to your gut, which store-bought kombucha has very little of.

My issues are different than yours, but I think both of these recommendations will prove fruitful.