Human Microbes My success with FL-RS-1997 in treating insomnia depression and constipation


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Feb 11, 2024
As some of you know, humanmicrobes is currently being investigated by the FDA. Unfortunately many people have a poor impression of them. I am writing to give my honest experience with three of their donors.

I originally pursued FMT because I suffered from debilitating insomnia, constipation, histamine intolerance (itchiness after every meal), chronic fatigue, severe depression, and more. These symptoms primarily started after antibiotic use and a potato starch supplement I took.

Prior to humanmicrobes, I tried stool from a relative, steve baskin (a former member of this group), and microbioma. FMTs from my relative and steve baskin gave me temporary benefits but they did not last long.

After daily top down FMTs from microbioma, I began rapidly gaining weight. I was never someone who struggled with weight. I quickly ballooned up to 190lbs (at 5’11”) within several weeks, after hovering between 145-160lbs my entire life. It was uncontrollable despite monitoring my caloric intake, eating a strict whole food plant based diet, and doing the little exercise I could.

I was months from starting residency and I was in the worst health of my life and strongly considered giving up on my medical career. I began desperately seeking alternatives until humanmicrobes began offering stool. I started off with their UT1998 donor. With this donor, my insomnia improved, my mood was excellent, I was strangely much more social/outgoing, I was regular, but I still had bad histamine intolerance. Unfortunately, my symptom’s returned after 3 weeks. Shortly after, FL1997 became available. I bought 5 frozen stops without antifreeze. I ingested about 10-15 triple encapsulated pills everyday for about 30 days. Diet was a low histamine while food plant based diet. I was taking Acadia fiber through the FMT and stopped about a week after. With this donor, I went from sleeping 2-3 hours with supplements to 6.5-7 hours on my own. My stool went from type 6/7 with alot of undigested food to type 4/5 with no undigested food. My depression went away, I became regular, my histamine intolerance improved, and my weight went back to normal. Overall i went from a 2 to about a 6.

About a year later I tried their IA2010 donor. It helped in some ways temporarily but the effects wore off and my sleep got mildy worse (im sleeping about 6 hours a night now).

I am eternally grateful for the impact humanmicrobes had on my life and hope they may continue to impact other peoples lives.

Theres is a lot of hate towards them that I would like to address. I saw one customer complaining about a customer service dispute on reddit which became a huge issue. My personal experience with their customer service has been excellent. After purchasing from the IA2010 donor, there was an issue (it was my fault and I don’t think I should go into detail) that caused me lose my entire purchase. I was able to get a full replacement for 1/5th the price. I am extremely grateful for this.

For those of you who don’t know, the owner of humanmicrobes, Michael, created a wiki that has invaluable information relating to FMT. I, and many others, have saved so much time and headache learning from it.

They also don’t get enough credit about their transparency. They provide so much information about their donors and even recipient results. We know nothing about the donors at microbioma, taymount, etc.

There are suspicious accounts spreading hate about humanmicrobes and this is getting out of hand. This kind of drama is distracting us from our ultimate goal, regaining our health. Now that the FDA is involved we are at risk of losing our most promising source of FMT.

This post is not meant to praise humanmicrobes or bash any other company but to give my own personal experience with a company that is receiving a tremendous amount of hate.
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