Capsules from HMorg--what type? Delayed release, enteric coated.


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Apr 23, 2024
I noticed in some of the experience threads (e.g. the one on SD_ES_2015) that people mention the difference between immediate release and delayed release capsules.

I'm imagining that by "delayed release" they mean "enteric coated", which withstand stomach acid and open in the small intestine, and that "immediate release" are just standard capsules that dissolve as soon as they're wet, i.e. already in the stomach, although I'm not sure I'm understanding the terminology correctly. With drugs, "delayed release" often describes tablets with a special polymer layer that slowly releases the drug--this is clearly inapplicable to FMT since it's not a molecule that can be bound to something but rather live cells.

I'd assume that for FMT, enteric coating is generally a good thing since it protects the live bacteria from stomach acid and also from potentially being released too high up and possibly causing an infection outside the GI tract. But I wanted to know if the capsules sold by HMorg are this type or if they are regular "immediate release" capsules.
Delayed release is generally similar to enteric coated, but some types of material that capsules can be made from are acid-resistant and delayed release without requiring an enteric coating. Some of the enteric coating ingredients are possibly not the most healthy.

0 vegan delayed release, white.
"Seller, what makes them white? dye? complete ingredient list? the listed ingredients do not make white caps." – "Titanium dioxide Mineral Dye Color Index 77891 Grams per cap (2) grams per body (2)"
"Enteric gelatin have a coating, Vegan do not. Vegan are really delayed release, not "enteric coated," like gelatin enteric. Vegan raw material is much more suitable to delayed release, some additional ingredients make them so, such as pectin (10%), and esther salts, etc. This combination is in the raw material, not a coating and does not contain pthylalates like the gelatin enteric. Rather, vegan acid resistant trigger dissolve in a high pH (small intestines).
By PURECAPS USA Seller on January 5, 2021"
Vcaps achieve enteric protection and delayed release without functional (enteric) coating.

I've tried delayed release, double encapsulated, vs no capsules, and didn't notice a difference. Other people have experimented with various combinations of types of capsules and said they experienced increased benefits from it.

being released too high up and possibly causing an infection outside the GI tract
There is no safety issue from the lack of delayed-release capsules.

I wanted to know if the capsules sold by HMorg are this type
There's a FAQ:

Our default FMT capsules are double encapsulated, vegan, delayed release.
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