1. Michael Harrop

    How I got off imodium/loperamide. Identify the root cause and the appropriate tool to solve it (FMT, Cholestyramine).

    Historically, I had IBS-C and CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). After taking Rifaximin it switched to IBS-D, plus I couldn't tolerate protein & fat. The only tool available to me was imodium/loperamide, and I've been taking it for the past decade. It seemed to help with my fatigue as well. Since...
  2. P

    Should I try to increase or decrease my gut microbiome diversity before doing a FMT?

    In early January 2024, I will probably attempt a Fecal Microbiota Transplant, with a healthy young donor, in an attempt to cure a Post Finasteride Syndrome, which manifest by depression and low libido. We have good scientific evidence that Post Finasteride Syndrome is in good part caused by gut...
  3. Michael Harrop

    Blog FMT roadmap proposal (Jul 2019)