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    FMT New Company for Personalized Fecal Transplantation

    I wanted to share a new company I just launched in the Microbiome and Personalized Fecal Transplantation space. My name is Kyle Cetrulo and I am the Founder and CEO of MyGutly, the world’s first personalized fecal transplantation company. The concept powering MyGutly is...
  2. Michael Harrop

    FMT Safety and tolerability of frozen, capsulized autologous faecal microbiota transplantation. A randomized double blinded phase I clinical trial (Sep 2023, n=24, Clindamycin antibiotic pretreatment). They gave Clindamycin antibiotic to healthy people for a week, then fed them their own poop (two capsules twice daily for five days). The aFMT group didn't recover any faster from the antibiotics than the placebo group...