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    Is human microbes getting shut down?

    The 100K was from a quote for a consulting agency to do the filing. If you have all of the information ready to go, and don't need more data then it can cost as little as 100K for the filing.
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    Is human microbes getting shut down?

    It costs about 100K to file an IND. Yes that is to get market approval which is the end goal of an IND. Why do you think that having an active IND is enough? Will ever patient be enrolled in the IND?
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    Is human microbes getting shut down?

    I would be happy to advise on this topic. As you may recall, I am the founder of MyGutly the first personal or autologous fmt service in the United States. I decided to go the auto path due to the IND requirements and the FDA. I spent 15 years running a stem cell company and working with the...
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    Thank you for your excellent contributions to this forum.

    Thank you for your excellent contributions to this forum.
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    FMT New Company for Personalized Fecal Transplantation

    I wanted to share a new company I just launched in the Microbiome and Personalized Fecal Transplantation space. My name is Kyle Cetrulo and I am the Founder and CEO of MyGutly, the world’s first personalized fecal transplantation company. The concept powering MyGutly is...
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    Suppose that the gut/brain axis is as important (in psychiatry) as the peer-reviewed literature seems to indicate. Why then isn't fecal transplantation an extremely famous and celebrated psychiatric treatment?

    I agree with you completely. My opinion is that often highly trained specialists such as the mental health doctors do not follow fields outside of their limited profession and they simply do not understand the role that the microbiome plays on mental health. I started a company called...