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  1. Michael Harrop

    Michael Harrop Q&A (Nov 2023)

    An artist sent me some questions. I thought they were good questions so I took the time to answer in depth. I like this question. The vast majority of futuristic predictions/scenarios I see are completely wrong because none of them take into account that the vast majority of people alive today...
  2. Michael Harrop

    One of the responses to a 2015 review titled "Time to consider the risks of caesarean delivery for long term child health" infuriated me.

    The full response: The author of the response: Paul T-Y Ayuk Consultant obstetrician Newcastle-upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust Quote: Firstly, it seems he's arguing against informed consent, and seems like he's saying that his personal preferences are...
  3. Michael Harrop

    Melinda Gates (Gates Foundation) promoting antibiotics as a way to improve public health (PBS Oct 17, 2023) Melinda French Gates' Brief But Spectacular take on making birth safer for moms and babies

    She starts off talking about how she values healthy moms and babies. I couldn't agree more. This was looking promising. Then she goes on to inform us that her solution is giving antibiotics to mothers at the time of birth. This is another unfortunate example of the medical system and public...
  4. Michael Harrop

    Challenging the validity of the new and old USA GBS guidelines. (Oct 2019)

    The problem and evidence: In Martin Blaser's "Missing Microbes" he says: Because 1 baby was susceptible to GBS you've now permanently damaged the gut microbiome and immune system of 200 babies and 200 mothers, making them more susceptible to a variety of diseases and infections, and likely...
  5. Michael Harrop

    Clarifying my position on antibiotics for the large number of individuals on the parenting subs who become emotional & hostile on this subject. (Oct 2022)

    The problem has even spread to the mods of /r/ScienceBasedParenting who previously created some fantastic rules to make that sub a haven from the type of unintelligent, emotional, anti-scientific behavior that is now rampant there. GBS is an easy example. 1 in 200 babies are thought to be at...
  6. Michael Harrop

    While antibiotic resistance gets all the attention, the damage being done to our host-native microbiomes is arguably as big a threat as climate change, as the damage compounds over generations, and once it's gone you can't get it back. (Apr 2019)

    The solutions require political action worldwide, but this issue is largely being ignored. Martin Blaser's "Missing Microbes" is a fantastic, extremely important, layperson-friendly introduction to this issue. Humans are holobionts, and we are extincting the human race via antimicrobial abuse...
  7. Michael Harrop

    Just 3 people are responsible for 30% of infants and mothers in the US receiving unnecessary antibiotics during birth, and they are refusing to address concerns about the validity of their recommendations. (Dec 2019, GBS)

    Pubpeer: Management of Infants at Risk for Group B Streptococcal Disease Pediatrics (2019) Related: Challenging the validity of the new and old USA GBS guidelines. (Oct 2019) 15 Dec 2019 discussion.
  8. Michael Harrop

    High-dose iodine and oil of oregano are broad-spectrum antimicrobials that can harm the gut microbiome and do permanent damage only reparable via FMT. (Nov 2018)

    I tried iodine after reading this: Oil of Oregano, A potent, broad spectrum herbal antibiotic substance Both of them...
  9. Michael Harrop

    "Eat dirt (2016) - Dr Josh Axe" Summary, comments, opinion on the book. (Jul 2018)

    2nd book of my research into the "eat dirt" dogma. Starts off with an example of his mom's breast cancer & other related health problems being reversed with some standard changes such as removing processed foods, and taking a few supplements. Later on in the book he clarifies that he thinks one...
  10. Michael Harrop

    "Let Them Eat Dirt Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World (2016)" Summary, comments, opinion on the book. (May 2018)

    My biases: I read this book as part of my research prior to a future in-depth post titled "do NOT eat dirt". I think the "eat dirt" notion is dangerous misinformation. I have been on raw diets including raw dairy & meat, including fermented meat. I probably wouldn't do it in the future, or...
  11. Michael Harrop

    FDA publicly lies about "no illnesses regarding these products (Prescript-Assist probiotic) have been reported to date". (Jul 2018)

    FDA Alert on some Contaminated Prescript Assist batches July 5, 2018. Original 05 Jul 2018.
  12. Michael Harrop

    "Dirt is Good - Jack Gilbert and Rob Knight (2017)" Summary, comments, opinion on the book. (Jul 2018)

    3rd and final book of my research into the "eat dirt" recommendations. This book was by far the most infuriating one. I now consider this chapter to be closed and debunked. This nonsense stems from all 5 authors clearly having cognitive deficits in the areas of judgment, evaluation, reasoning...
  13. Michael Harrop

    Experiment with raw honey for topical treatment of wound (Jan 2019)

    I read in the past about honey being used topically for wound healing due to its lack of water content which limits the growth of microbes. I have never had any issues with wounds/cuts getting infected, but it seems like antibiotics and possibly 1 low-quality FMT donor and possibly a soil...