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  1. Michael Harrop

    Article The Poop Broker. Michael Harrop started a booming underground market for human feces. But something smells off about his product. (May 2024) Kind of an odd article. Amusing, seemingly agenda-driven, occasionally deceptive, but not all bad. I'm curious what impact this article will have. Will it be better or worse than the "complete silence"...
  2. Michael Harrop

    Antibiotics Commonly used antibiotic brings more complications, death in the sickest patients (May 2024, n=7569) Mortality of Patients With Sepsis Administered Piperacillin-Tazobactam vs Cefepime
  3. Michael Harrop

    FMT Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Attenuates Frailty via Gut-Muscle Axis in Old Mice (Apr 2024)
  4. Michael Harrop

    Other Removing gut bacteria's potential 'safe house' (appendix) may lower risk of colorectal cancer subtype (May 2024, n=139,406) Appendectomy and Long-term Colorectal Cancer Incidence, Overall and by Tumor Fusobacterium nucleatum Status The appendix, once dismissed as an unnecessary human organ, has more recently been shown to play a role in...
  5. Michael Harrop

    FMT The effect of non-pooled multi-donor faecal microbiota transplantation for inducing clinical remission in patients with chronic pouchitis: Results from a multicentre randomised double-blinded placebo-controlled trial (MicroPouch) (May 2024, n=30) Yet another FMT trial harming patients and extending the unavailability of FMT due to using low-quality donors.
  6. Michael Harrop

    Vaccines Thousands Believe Covid Vaccines Harmed Them. Is Anyone Listening? (May 2024, NYT) All vaccines have at least occasional side effects. But people who say they were injured by Covid vaccines believe their cases have been ignored. I've seen this same attitude and dismissal when the harms of antibiotics are brought up in laypeople communities.
  7. Michael Harrop

    Prebiotics Inulin, a type of fiber found in certain plant-based foods and fiber supplements, causes inflammation in the gut and exacerbates inflammatory bowel disease in a preclinical model (Mar 2024) Dietary fiber is a critical determinant of pathologic ILC2 responses and intestinal inflammation Another example of possible detriments from prebiotics
  8. Michael Harrop

    Oral Oral bacteria relative abundance in faeces increases due to gut microbiota depletion and is linked with patient outcomes (May 2024) A useful addition to the "Does the oral microbiome colonize the gut?" question.
  9. Michael Harrop

    Early development Father's gut microbes affect the next generation (May 2024, mice) Paternal microbiome perturbations impact offspring fitness
  10. Michael Harrop

    Article Multicellular Bacteria Evolve Defenses that Resemble the Immune System (Apr 2024)
  11. Michael Harrop

    Antibiotics Antibiotics within first year are linked to infant gut microbiome disruption and elevated atopic dermatitis risk (Apr 2024) An increased number of antibiotic courses corresponded to a dose-response-like increased risk
  12. Michael Harrop

    Vaccines Universal vaccine may be effective against any variant of any virus (Apr 2024) Live-attenuated virus vaccine defective in RNAi suppression induces rapid protection in neonatal and adult mice lacking mature B and T cells
  13. Michael Harrop

    Antibiotics Large study finds antibiotics aren't effective for most lower tract respiratory infections (Apr 2024, n=718) Antibiotics Not Associated with Shorter Duration or Reduced Severity of Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection And they STILL largely ignore the effects of collateral damage of antibiotics
  14. Michael Harrop

    The gut microbiome, COVID-19, and long COVID [collection of studies]

    I saw news about "Chairman Bernie Sanders Releases Long COVID Moonshot Legislative Proposal", and I wanted to make a post listing the research I've seen on this. From what I see in their proposal, they're allocating 1 billion dollars into general research. I find this very frustrating given...
  15. Michael Harrop

    Other Infections after surgery are more likely due to bacteria already on your skin than from microbes in the hospital. Contribution of the patient microbiome to surgical site infection and antibiotic prophylaxis failure in spine surgery (Apr 2024, n=204)
  16. Michael Harrop

    FMT FDA warning over 'gut-boosting' pills that contain other people's POOP, amid links to deadly bacterial infections (Apr 2024, DailyMail, Human Microbes) The article gets some things wrong, such as: Nowhere in the FDA letter does it say "mislead" or "harm" or "false". Things like this are why the Daily Mail...
  17. Michael Harrop

    FMT Fecal microbiota transplant eases Parkinson’s symptoms (Mar 2024, n=46) Safety and efficacy of faecal microbiota transplantation in patients with mild to moderate Parkinson's disease (GUT-PARFECT): a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised, phase 2 trial Standard, poor donor quality. Stool type not even considered. 0% chance they found 17 high-quality donors.
  18. Michael Harrop

    Other Scientists link certain gut bacteria to lower heart disease risk (April 2024, n=1429) Gut microbiome and metabolome profiling in Framingham heart study reveals cholesterol-metabolizing bacteria More commentary: Gut bacteria break down cholesterol — hinting at probiotic treatments. Species in the human microbiome have enzymes that can metabolize a...
  19. Michael Harrop

    FMT Standards for fecal microbiota transplant: Tools and therapeutic advances (Mar 2024, meeting report) This looks to have some important and interesting discussion. Unfortunately, it's paywalled. I'd like to read and respond to some of it. Someone from the FDA was there. I emailed one of the authors to request a copy...
  20. Michael Harrop

    Fungi Newly identified yeast could prevent fungal infections by outcompeting rivals. Competitive fungal commensalism mitigates candidiasis pathology (Mar 2024) More on Candida:
  21. Michael Harrop

    Causation Study highlights causal associations between gut microbes and hypothyroidism (Mar 2024) Cross-talk between the gut microbiota and hypothyroidism: a bidirectional two-sample Mendelian randomization study
  22. Michael Harrop

    Small intestine/upper GI Bacteria commonly found in the body contribute to stomach cancer. Streptococcus anginosus promotes gastric inflammation, atrophy, and tumorigenesis in mice (Jan 2024)
  23. Michael Harrop

    Article FDA Tries to Close the Lid on Poop Transplant Company — Fecal microbiota transplant business needs a BLA or IND to operate, agency says (Mar 2024, The article includes an objective summary of the FDA letter and my blog posts in response. No opinion/commentary is included.
  24. Michael Harrop

    Other Some of our key gut microbes likely came from cows—and we’re losing them (Mar 2024) Cryptic diversity of cellulose-degrading gut bacteria in industrialized humans
  25. Michael Harrop

    Testing Researchers call for regulation of direct-to-consumer microbiome tests. The DTC microbiome testing industry needs more regulation (Mar 2024)
  26. Michael Harrop

    Blog High-quality stool donors are more rare than one in a million? AI, funding, and potential. (Mar 2024, A large number of applicants, but the quality is poor. How this impacts you and how you can get involved. I wasn't planning on posting this yet, but the FDA letter has been publicly released and news...
  27. Michael Harrop

    Blog The FDA and FMT regulation. (Mar 2024, Response to FDA warning letter, proposal for FMT regulation, and some background of this project. I wasn't planning on posting this yet, but the FDA letter has been publicly released and news organizations are already picking it up and...
  28. Michael Harrop

    Other Thousands of Previously Unknown Bile Acids Discovered. Researchers have uncovered thousands of bile acids that the gut microbiome uses to communicate with the rest of the body. (Mar 2024) The underappreciated diversity of bile acid modifications