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  1. Michael Harrop

    Public health Chronic disease and general poor health have been drastically increasing globally. It seems like we're experiencing a major health crisis with the vast majority of people in poor health. Doesn't this mean people working in public health are failing? What can be done to turn things around? (Feb 2020) Excerpts: Related: Chronic disease and general poor health has been drastically increasing over the past century, yet even in liberal states like California, simple things like soda taxes have been failing...
  2. Michael Harrop

    General health Attractiveness, facial features, and health & development. (Jun 2019)

    When this was brought up in a recent discussion I learned that apparently this is a contentious topic so I looked into the research. My position: Health absolutely reflects in the face. Does that mean every person with an attractive face is healthy? No. Does that mean we can determine someone's...
  3. Michael Harrop

    Healthcare system Doctors are not systematically updated on the latest literature. What they're taught in med school is often wrong or gets outdated quickly. The result is the majority of doctors are extremely uninformed/misinformed about many major medical conditions. I believe this is costing many lives. (May 2018)

    Patients with zero medical training/knowledge are forced to resort to basically being their own doctors via internet research. I have raised this issue in many places, talked to some doctors about it, brought it up with a doctor who is also a lawmaker. I've also contacted my state's medical...